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About Emdadat

 Emdadat platform

An electronic platform specialized in the construction sector and includes an elite group of manufacturers, agents, wholesalers and retailers.

Platform sections
Wholesale section (between wholesalers and projects): It targets wholesalers, wholesale buyers and projects. This section enables wholesalers to offer goods at wholesale prices to traders and wholesale buyers only, where prices are shown only for people registered with a wholesale buyer account or project - the government sector and the private sector - which requires registration Advance through the platform or automatically for wholesale account holders.
Retail section (between retailers and individuals): where retailers add goods at competitive prices and are available to everyone either through their stores within the platform and will appear automatically in the main market.


Supply offers a package of electronic services that help and contribute to facilitating the process of trade exchange between merchants and individuals.

Services offered to merchants:

Private store within the platform.
Advertising banners inside and outside the store
A special electronic control panel for each merchant
Add products within the main market.
Connecting with the payment gateways chosen by the merchant, bank transfer or cash on delivery (financial transactions are directly between customers through service providers, and no financial transaction is passed to the platform except for the subscription and commission that the merchant controls himself to pay according to his desire).
Connecting with shipping companies according to the merchant's choice or delivery by the merchant.
Advertising campaigns (the merchant benefits from the market campaigns automatically and also he can ask the market to create his own campaigns).
Reach the largest number of customers.
Special reports help you develop and grow.
Evaluation of products by buyers.
Liked service enables customers to share the product via social media.

Services offered to buyers:

Facilitate access to the largest number of merchants in one place.
Competitive price.
Easy to compare products.
Communicate with Etajer via the product page
Access to the elite traders, suppliers and factories in construction and building.
Ease of ordering goods and delivering them to the buyer.
Commodity evaluation and merchants.
The pricing service enables you to price all your orders yourself with ease
Sending a quote request to a group of merchants.


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